Voucher Code Sites Thrive as Society Embraces a Cheaper Way of Living

Voucher codes and discount vouchers from sites such as VoucherSeeker (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/discount-vouchers) are becoming widely sought after as discount codes become more socially acceptable to use when purchasing goods.

Leeds, United Kingdom, September 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Gripped in recession, shoppers are now more price aware and confident as they battle to save money.

A survey conducted by the etailing Group earlier this year has found that 27% of consumers said they had left the purchasing process in order to look for vouchers elsewhere. Another study of US online shoppers by PayPal and comScore found that 45% had abandoned carts more than once over a three week period, leaving behind baskets worth an average of $109.

Consumers are now more aware of what promotional codes are available to them online and where to get these voucher codes from. Furthermore, shoppers are more price conscious, regularly checking product costs to make sure they are getting a good deal for items purchased. Consumers are more prepared to leave a shopping basket if no discount vouchers for the product can be found and used.

“VoucherSeeker users are definitely more switched on to the discounts they can get,” states Ed Hall, VoucherSeeker Director. “Users know exactly what discounts they want for what products when visiting VoucherSeeker.”

As the recession deepens and people become more price aware, they are turning to the internet to research retail prices. In August, Hitwise revealed that UK Internet searches for discount vouchers have increased by 47.5 per cent over the previous 12 months.

However, consumers are now targeting more specific discount codes and vouchers for certain products or retailers. For example, in July 2008 UK Internet users searched for 8,300 variations of search terms including the word 'voucher' or 'vouchers'. By July 2009, this figure stood at 34,200.

“VoucherSeeker have definitely noticed more consumer interest in voucher codes and discount vouchers,” states Ed. “Due to the recession, people are using whatever means necessary to ensure they save money on all kinds of products, from mobile phones using Vodafone promotional codes (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/file/8c07f9b2387a79aa4860f829cdf713e7/vodafone-promotional-code.html) to TVs using Currys discount codes(http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/file/a62ac26940c49940f7f8da1eabd901e1/currys-discount-codes.html)”

People’s attitudes towards voucher codes are changing. Whereas previously using promotional codes and discount vouchers was viewed negatively in some quarters, consumers are increasingly now searching for new ways to save money.

This is reflected in society as a whole. John Lewis has recently announced it was re launching war time book ‘Make do and mend’ which gives people such handy hints as how to polish shoes using potatoes. John Lewis published the book as it reported the increase in sales for products such as sewing machines as people turn to mending clothing instead of buying new items.

The consumer love of cheaper living even extends to the dating scene, where research has found that one in three women find money conscious men sexier than lavish men.

According to research, 32% of single women find frugal partners more attractive than dates who flash their cash. Similarly, one in four of single men would happily use a money off discount codes on a first date.

The popularity for vouchers or money off items is not just affecting the internet, certain high street retailers are also seeing a surge in sales.

Simply put, consumers are happier to spend their money in cheaper stores as they search for new ways to save money. Offering the latest fashions for less, discount retailers such as Primark and New Look, not to mention discount designer outlet stores are all becoming more popular. Shops such as River Island are also affected, seeing increased sales as people ‘shop down’ from designer clothing labels whilst discount stores are appearing on most high streets as demand for the stores climb. Own brand products in supermarkets are also seeing high interest from consumers.

Shoppers are very aware of the discounts they can get online and off. As consumers become more aware of product pricing, they become more empowered and confident to abandon shopping carts in order to purchase goods using promotional codes from sites such as VoucherSeeker (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/discount-vouchers). Furthermore, using voucher codes at restaurants is more socially acceptable, even on a first date. Due to the recession, society’s attitude towards spending has become more ‘make do and mend’ instead of ‘buy new’.

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