New Online Service Connects Organic Seed Suppliers with Customers

Eugene, OR, September 19, 2006 --( The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), a nonprofit publisher and information service for organic growers, introduced an online, organic seed listing service this month. Once filled, the OMRI Organic Seed Database will provide accurate information on the availability and supply of hundreds of certified organic seed varieties. The web address is:

“Our goal is to offer growers and certifiers a single place to find supplies of organic seed,” explains Dave DeCou, OMRI executive director and project manager for the seed list. “We hope this information will lead to greater sales of organic seeds.”

While the USDA organic rule requires that organic growers plant organic seed, it also contains an exemption allowing non-organic seed to be used if organic seed is not commercially available. The OMRI Seed Database will provide growers a place to search for available organic seed and also offer certifiers a tool to verify whether organic seed is available in a particular variety.

“As a nonprofit with a history of serving organic growers and certifiers with information on materials suitable for use in organic production, we are in a uniquely well-suited position to develop this new service,” elaborates DeCou. “We are recognized in the organic growing community as a trusted source of information.”

The OMRI Organic Seed Database is entirely online. Seed suppliers will be able to manage their listings through the website interface. OMRI staff will verify that the supplier is certified as a handler or grower of organic seed. New listings will appear online once certification is verified.

Fees are designed to be reasonable. There is a $25 annual company charge, plus fees based on how many varieties the company wishes to list. Suppliers will be able to pay using a secure online payment service. Listings are for a 12-month period and can be updated at anytime.

Organic Materials Review Institute
Miguel Guerrero