Winner of Oink Ink’s 12th Annual Dead Radio Contest Hails from – You Guessed It – Canada

Los Angeles, CA, September 24, 2009 --( Oink Ink Radio, a bi-coastal radio advertising agency, has announced the winners of its twelfth annual Dead Radio Contest.

The contest seeks to bring back to life radio ads that were killed by agency clients before production. The team at Oink Ink Radio annually produces the winning script. Over the years several Dead Radio winners have gone on to air by clients who had a change of heart once they heard their spot produced. A few have even gone on to win prestigious industry awards such as Mercury Awards and even a 2008 Cannes Lion.

This year’s winner was Neil Blewett of Zig /Toronto for a spot written for client Ikea. This marks the third victory in 4 years for writers from Toronto. That fact is not lost on Oink Ink president, Dan Price. “Prior to four years ago I don’t believe we even had many Finalists from Canada. But, man, they’re on a roll up there.”

“I think a lot of it has to do with our unique sense of humour as a country” said ’07 winner Brendan Sack of MacLaren McCann/Toronto. “That, or we just really like winning free trips to visit our neighbors.”

Says Cam Boyd of Leo Burnett/ Toronto, Dead’s ’06 winner, “I think Canada breeds great social observers. We're not American. We're not British. But with close ties to each we are constantly studying their cultures. Combine that social observation with our nation's love of the fart joke and I think you have an explanation for our success in radio writing.”

This year’s winning spot, titled “Morning Face” (which is what you get “when you don’t sleep well”) features a panicked man screaming at the sight of “Linda from HR”, who he thinks is a horrible monster. Linda’s sweet sounding “Good morning, guys” is met with “Ewww!! Aahh! What is that thing?!” The Swedish announcer reminds us that “It’s called beauty sleep for a reason” and goes on to mention a promotion for Ikea’s Sultan Mattresses.

“I couldn't believe it at first,” said Blewett of winning. “I mean I went from writing a spot that I felt really good about. To feeling disappointed when it didn't get approved. To crossing my fingers when I entered the contest. To being anxious when I heard I was a finalist. To doing arm pumps when I got the call that I won.”

Blewett chose to produce his winning script - with Oink’s Price directing - at Oink Ink’s Venice, California studio.

“The session went great. Oink did an amazing casting and the actors were perfect. It's weird. To finally hear the spot that you thought would never get made, is kinda surreal” said Blewett. “Aside from getting finger printed and body searched at the border, the trip has been a great experience.”

Honors also go to Sage Rider from Ultra Creative/Minneapolis who was award the silver prize for his script for ADT. Adam Ridgeway, Martin/Williams Agency/Minneapolis took the bronze for a script written for Boy Scouts of America.

For further information visit or call 800-776-6465. To hear “Morning Face” go to and click on the “Client Log-In.” Enter Job ID: dead2009 Password: radio

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Diana Wirzburger