MyVocal Unveils the First Personalized Moblie Audio Content Service for Commuters

San Diego, CA, September 24, 2009 --( MyVocal, a developer of the innovative mobile services and applications, announced today the release of their mobile audio content service for commuters.

MyVocal’s new mobile content service brings various spoken audio content to millions of mobile users worldwide. It provides access to podcasts, audio books and magazines, streaming radio and various interactive services through any phone, even a very basic one. Users can control the service with simple spoken commands which makes MyVocal an ideal on-demand mobile radio available anytime, anywhere.

“MyVocal is a simple application that can change your life,” says Alex Patsko, CEO & Founder of MyVocal. “It helps you listen to any of your content instead of reading it – while commuting and using just your cellphone. With MyVocal you can use your cellphone to listen to anything you can think of – your newsfeeds, documents, articles, emails, even YouTube presentations…. We believe that with MyVocal you can utilize your commute time more wisely, get more things done while on the go, and eventually spend more time with your family and friends.”

MyVocal provides a complete white-label solution for content publishers. It takes only a few minutes to add RSS or XML feed to MyVocal, and then create a branded mobile portal with audio streaming functionality and a full-scale voice portal. MyVocal also helps publishers produce a high-quality spoken audio version of their content, as well as monetize their mobile audience through a mix of business models which include audio advertising and mobile micro-payments. MyVocal is also releasing over 60 API that will deliver the power of a MyVocal service to various 3rd party applications.

“MyVocal is a fascinating consumer service and a comprehensive solution for media companies. The service brings spoken audio to mobile devices and the Internet, mixes published and user-generated content, and provides a variety of content sourcing and monetization options,” said Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of the DEMO Conferences. “This is a company to watch!”

About MyVocal
MyVocal is a developer of an innovative mobile content service that enables listening to any spoken audio content using any mobile phone. Users of MyVocal can control their personalized service with simple voice commands, customize their content on the mobile phone or over the web, and share their content on Twitter and Facebook. MyVocal also helps publishers address their commuting audience by providing a comprehensive set of tools and API for mobile content distribution and monetization. For more information, visit

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