Assessing Leaders’ Negative Capability: ORGDYNE Training and Consulting, LLC and Leadernation Have Partnered to Create the Negative Capability 360 Feedback Tool

In support of their Negative Capability certification course, ORGDYNE Training and Consulting, LLC partnered with LeaderNation to create a 360 feedback tool that assesses leaders’ Negative Capability leadership competencies. This tool brings to life the important skills that make up a leader’s Negative Capability.

New York, NY, September 24, 2009 --( ‘Negative Capability’ is an important leadership competency that rarely gets talked about and is largely overlooked in favor of ‘proactive’ leadership. Planning, forethought, and identifying issues before they become problems are necessary aspects of good leadership, though the over emphasis on being proactive has deleterious effects on a leader’s ability to be reactive, that is, to react to changing circumstances in real time. Organizational leaders are often judged by how much they know, how much they get done, and how quickly they arrive at decisions, and as a result, action often replaces thinking and reflection. This bias makes not knowing unacceptable and creates conditions that are antithetical to creativity, authenticity, and thoughtful reactivity. The Negative Capability leadership competency challenges these notions, and offers a simple approach that opens up space in personal and professional relationships.

LeaderNation 360 feedback, in collaboration with ORGDYNE Training & Consulting, LLC ( has created a set of eight leadership competencies that measure Negative Capability using a 360 feedback tool with behaviorally-based questions (see LeaderNation's 360 Feedback FAQs for more information on 360 feedback tools that use behaviorally-based questions). Examples of these leadership competencies include authenticity, comfort with personal ignorance, and tolerance for ambiguity. All organizational leaders are called upon to exercise these skills in varying degrees, though they are rarely talked about and almost never taught due to the discomfort associated with negative space and the stigma attached to the limitations in personal knowledge that we all share. In combination with ORGDYNE’s certification training, the Negative Capability 360 feedback instrument challenges leaders to reflect upon these skills, confront uncomfortable uncertainties, and increase their self-awareness by actively seeking feedback.

The Negative Capability certification course is just one of the ways ORGDYNE connects people and ideas worldwide and provides its members with cutting edge scholarship from intellectual powerhouses such as Manfred Kets DeVries and Edgar Schein. Dr. Herb Bilick, Ph.D., said of the certification course, “I learned again the importance of time for reflection and containment, the importance of tolerating ambiguity and uncertainty, and interesting ways of presenting the material to others.” (See for more testimonials.) ORGDYNE’s partnership with LeaderNation demonstrates the firm’s continued commitment to bring the best in management theory to practicing organizational leaders. Given LeaderNation’s dedication to empirically-sound assessment and data-based leadership development, the partnership between the two firms was a natural fit. The Negative Capability 360 feedback assessment was built using LeaderNation technology, and designed to yield actionable feedback. Using LeaderNation’s 360 feedback tool participants in the Negative Capability certification course receive feedback that is imminently actionable, combining both quantitative and qualitative questions that yield personalized feedback directed at specific behaviors related to Negative Capability leadership competencies.

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