A New Line of Post & Rope Stanchions Introduced by Displays2Go

Offered in a selection of 5 posts with a choice of 3 rope colors to match your desired location.

Bristol, RI, September 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Displays2Go has unveiled an new line of stanchions featuring post and rope designs to control crowds in upscale arenas. Designed to meet your crowd control needs, these rope stanchions are intended to organize the public, effectively guide patrons and form lines, in several high-end environments, including banks, lobbies, restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, museums, airports, showrooms and more.

As Jennifer Rogers, New Product Marketer for Displays2Go explains, "Post and rope stanchion systems keep crowds organized and under control in style. The QueuePole brand's new line offers a comprehensive collection of quality stanchions at a fraction of the competitors' costs."

QueuePole post and rope stanchions feature designs consisting of five different posts with velvet ropes in three colors to choose from. You can either buy these posts and ropes in individual components or configured in sets, including (2) posts and (1) rope. Having the option of buying each item separately allows you to mix and match your posts and ropes to best suit your desired location. Choose from three post top designs; flat top, tulip top, or a classic ball top post. Coordinate your posts with either a red, blue, or black velvet rope. As an added bonus, QueuePole now offers a polished chrome sign holder that allows you to personalize your crowd control area with a custom made sign.

"This side holder makes it easy to communicate 'Line Forms Here' or 'Please Enter Here' messages without actually speaking a word," adds Rogers. "Also, the extra stanchion accessory fits onto any one of the available five posts in this exclusive series."

Displays2Go.com specializes in rope stanchion posts, as well as retractable belt stanchions. Also available are more crowd control accessories for other support posts including customized signage, changeable sign headers, and a large variety of additional retractable belts, and velvet ropes in an assortment of colors to choose from.

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