Sinusitis Remedy Works Without Antibiotics on Fungal and Bacterial Infections

Nature's Rite announces the re-introduction of a very popular and effective sinus infection treatment that works without antibiotics. This natural remedy has been used for years as it was originally marketed private-label. It is now available on the Web from Nature's Rite.

Niwot, CO, September 26, 2009 --( Nature’s Rite announced the re-introduction of its very popular Sinusitis remedy today. Originally developed in 1998 and sold through private label, this product has been used by more than a million sinusitis sufferers to terminate sinus infections in a natural and holistic manner. Sinus Relief tm is a natural broad-spectrum anti-microbial that attenuates the bacteria, fungus and virus in your sinuses evenly and so does not disturb the balance.

“Our anti-microbial,” Frank explains, “differs from an antibiotic in a number of ways.” Steven Frank is the Chief Technical Officer of Nature’s Rite. “Aside from the fact that it is not considered a drug but rather a nutritional supplement, it has been shown in laboratory and clinical studies to attenuate bacteria, fungus and virus. Antibiotics won’t kill fungus or virus and kill only some bacteria. It is very safe and since it is used intra-nasally, the total dose is dramatically lower than systemic antibiotics or anti-fungals.”

Frank went on to explain that most sinus infections are very difficult to treat with antibiotics alone because they are a symbiotic relationship between a fungal over-growth and bacteria. The fungus acts as an insulating layer that keeps the immune system from accessing the bacteria and the fungus-produced exo-toxins irritate the sinuses. “By attenuating them both with a direct acting antimicrobial such as the Sinus Relief tm, we achieve correction of acute sinusitis in 2 to 3 days and chronic conditions in 1 to 2 weeks.” Frank states.

“When this product was originally introduced,” Dave Kramer, the Marketing Director for Nature’s Rite recalls, “It was an immediate success. Customers who suffered from chronic sinusitis for years were calling and emailing us with praise and relief. I’m very excited, from a Marketing stand-point, to be offering it direct to the public as a part of our Nature’s Rite line of natural products. It’s on its way to being one of our top sellers.” Dave goes on to show two supporting nasal spray products; one to soothe sinuses (Sinus Support tm) and one to relieve congestion (Congestion Relief tm). “We call these ‘The Sinus Trilogy’”, Dave smiles and ads, “They’re everything you need to keep your nose naturally healthy and happy throughout the year.”

The internet roll-out of Sinus Relief tm in the Nature’s Rite line should enable the sinus sufferer to holistically deal with sinusitis. They now have an alternative to antibiotics that not only works in a more holistic manner, but, according to clinical studies, works better and faster. More information about Sinus Relief tm can be found at or by contacting Dave Kramer at 1 800 991 7088.

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