Vince Vaughn Gets Worked Out by 95 Year Old Jack LaLanne on Jay Leno Show Last Night

Vince Vaughn vs. 95 year-old fitness legend Jack LaLanne

Los Angeles, CA, September 25, 2009 --( Vince Vaughn appeared on the new NBC national primetime hit "The Jay Leno Show" to promote "Couple's Retreat," his upcoming movie opening October 9th. Legendary Jack LaLanne was on hand to help Jay Leno with his "earn your plug" segment and put Vaughn thru an exercise challenge to earn him the right to promote his movie. Jay Leno introduced Jack as one of Vaughn's childhood heroes and "the man who defines exercise" and told Jack to "whip his candy ass into shape." Jack had Vaughn doing triceps dips on a metal chair. Vince then claimed "this is one of my finest moments." Here is link

Jack, known as the "The Godfather of Fitness," has dedicated his entire life to health and wellness. Jack is promoting his new book "Live Young Forever - 12 Steps to Health, Fitness and Longevity" now available at all major book outlets. Jack LaLanne will be in New York, Sept. 28 - Oct. 2 to do press about the new book.

Without Jack there wouldn't have been Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, Denise Austin, Kathy Kaehler, or Jillian Michaels.

Regis Philbin has said "I've known Jack LaLanne for nearly 40 years now. I've worked out with him, drank his high-protein drinks and had dinner with him one night when he got into an argument with his friend Rudy Vallee. He was so worked up, he cooled off by getting into a hand stand on the dining room table and doing a series of handstand push-ups. He is the real deal and the best advocate for good health and fitness this country has ever had."

At 95, Jack has proven that his philosophies are no fad. His book "Live Young Forever" give you an easy-to-follow lifestyle plan, which is the only sane way to health, strength, fitness and longevity. LaLanne fervently believes that every human being can attain maximum health and fitness if they follow the simple course of action in Live Young Forever. Find more info at

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