Fit2Max, LLC Expands to Fitness Center Management

With just under 600 certified, background checked fitness professionals nationwide, Fit2Max has the capacity to grow a fitness studio, health club or small gym's staff through their new Fitness Center Management program.

Newtown, PA, September 26, 2009 --( Fit2Max, LLC unveiled their plans for expansion today for their next new division. After having success with their in home personal training division, Team Fitness America, they are launching the start of the FCM program. With Fitness Center Management (FCM), Fit2max will be placing qualified, certified, and background checked personal trainers into health clubs and small to midsized gyms that lack proper personnel or the means to drive more revenue to their business.

With just under 600 certified, background checked fitness professionals nationwide, Fit2Max has the capacity to grow a fitness studio, health club or small gym's staff. From their extensive experience in the fitness industry, they plan to handle all of the hiring, managing and training of the fitness professionals. In addition to providing the business with certified professionals, Fit2Max will also place one of their Area Developers that will be dedicated to securing new clientele and assisting in the revenue growth of the business.

After watching so many small health clubs in the area struggle to keep dedicated staff and procure new clients, Fit2Max owner and founder, Margaret Pajak, decided to expand the company to an area of the fitness industry that needs help to make a difference.

"With our years of familiarity in the fitness industry, we are reaching out to owners of small fitness centers that are stressed to keep up with the larger gyms due to the lack of additional advertising dollars and sales experience," said Pajak.

Fit2Max has appointed a long time industry professional, Dave Giordano, as head of FCM due to his successful leadership with growing and managing Team Fitness America’s new Area Developer program.

The Area Developer placed within the club will serve as a direct representative of Team Fitness America as well as the club that is under FCM.

"This is essentially providing the health club with a personal training sales force on top of their developed personal training department," said Pajak.

"We want to educate the public on health and fitness and keep it affordable, safe and fun for the consumer as well as turning a profit for the small business owner that shares the same vision but lacks the know-how,” said Pajak.

Team Fitness America has an extensive client testimonial base, which grows on their website on a weekly basis, and covers everything from before and after pictures of clients to voice recorded testimonials and videos of personal trainers nationwide training theirs clients. They plan to assist club owners with developing their testimonial and reviews section from existing and new members. Future and potential clients like to see results form your club and fitness staff.

“This is a win-win plan of action, the more we increase a combined health clubs personal training gross, they will see higher membership retention as the club appears to be more active and action packed from the busy staff of qualified personal trainers,” said Giordano, head of FCM.

Debbie McFarlen