Leading International Aviation Software Firm Opens New Africa Office

AD Software, a specialist software development company focusing on civil aviation maintenance and repair operations, with offices in Europe and Asia, has now opened a new office in South Africa to provide local support for African users of its Airpack Fleet Management System and Logistics Solutions. The new office will also enable AD Software to increase the adoption of its technology to improve safety and operations efficiency with more African airlines, as well as MROs and CAMO organizations.

Cape town, South Africa, September 27, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Adoption of this type of information technology is becoming vital for African aviation organisations to continue operating within international standards, and to allow them to be able to compete successfully against large airlines that are increasingly taking market share from local operations.

“In 2005, the international airline organisation, IATA, set out a four point agenda to revitalize aviation across Africa based on enhanced safety efforts, infrastructure development, liberalization and simplified passenger travel. This set of principles is increasingly becoming strict requirements, and aviation operations in Africa have less and less time to implement the changes mandated by IATA,” says Alex Guillot of AD Software Africa. “Operational solutions have to be identified and developed for all areas affecting aircraft and the airlines that operate them, both on the ground and in flight. The advantage that AD Software’s technology brings is that it ensures that MRO and airline management have not only the information they need to implement operations changes quickly and effectively, but that the ongoing maintenance activity of the airline can be managed in a way that is compliant with international standards of documentation and auditability.”

The new generation of software technology solutions that have become established in the market over the last year allows fast, intelligent analysis of flight operations data, better quality assurance management and improvement in airline operational information exchange.

AD Software has a complete software suite that assists airlines with their fleet management and logistics on a daily basis. “Our main area of expertise is with small airlines of 2 to 25 aircraft, which is typical of the majority of African airlines,” says Fred Ulrich, CEO of AD Software.

Many small airlines never used proper software to manage their fleet. Until recently the packages available on the market were big, expensive and complicated, and suitable only for major airlines. African operators commonly used office tools like Microsoft Excel as a substitute. This worked to an extent, but the lack of ability to audit and to exchange information securely between people, as well as the possibility for accidental data deletion or the introduction of errors, left the door open to misunderstandings and mistakes leading to grounded aircraft and dramatic situations for the airlines, pushing up expenses and even creating issues with aviation authorities.

Moving to a professional solution that is designed for smaller airlines can be done in just a couple of days for the transfer and validation of existing data, and only five days for a full hands-on training program. “Powerful tools don’t have to be complicated. Our system complies with all relevant international aviation regulations, while being extremely user-friendly. Our African clients have picked it up and become comfortable with it very quickly,” explains Mr Ulrich. In Africa, Gabon Airlines, Air Burkina, Air Mali and Air Austral are already users.

About AD Software
AD Software is a twelve year old IT company based in France, with offices in Thailand and South Africa. Specialised in Aviation software, the company has developed a fleet management system and logistic package “AirPack” which meets the needs of airlines operating 2 to 25 aircrafts, as well as Maintenance, Repair an Overhaul facilities (MRO) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO).

The strength of AD Software is the simplicity of its product (Microsoft Windows® ready, Web-enabled, multilingual and with complete training done in five days). The company provides 24/7 online technical support, with extremely competitive pricing that is up to 40% lower cost than competitors).


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Alexandra Guillot
Hi-Fly Marketing now represents AD Software in South Africa