Renting Car Doors for $100K

Laid-Off Multi-Media Developer Advertises for Businesses on His Vehicle Doors and on His Social Network Profiles While Searching for Work.

Winston-Salem, NC, September 28, 2009 --( Three months ago, Harold Thompson found himself at one of life's crossroads. Falling victim to a reduction in force, due to the economic downturn, he was 26 years old with a wife, three kids and two mortgages. He now spend the majority of his day transporting his kids to school and job searching on the net as well as around town. At this point the idea for "Push U" was formed.

PushU (Promotions on Wheels) combines car door magnet advertising and marketing on social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, etc.) to give businesses major exposure for minor costs. "Typically our marketing efforts reach, on average, at least 5,000 people per day and that's with normal type ads. Ads with extra 'zing' tend to become viral and really have the potential to reach an unlimited number of people if executed properly." Thompson states. "And don't forget that once it's on the web, it's practically there forever."

Thompson created PushU as an added service to his multi-media development company, Solo Promo Creative Marketing Solutions. He bases the service off of one word: Simplicity. Thompson continues, "PushU offers these semi-viral promotions for one low flat rate taking all of the 'smoke and mirrors' out of the process, and I'm sure many smart business owners will jump at a chance to advertise for 6 cents per contact. ($300/5,000 average contacts)"

"Having close personal relationships with many small businesses and individuals in the Triad, helps sell the products and services I promote. When someone see's and advertisement and they ask me about it, I am able to immediately give them a 'word-of-mouth vouch' for that specific product or service", Thompson states. The Push U service has created much buzz among small businesses and Thompson is now lining up clients to hit the ground running.

Thompson seeks to fill a whole year of advertising businesses via "Push U" to reach sales in excess of $100,000 then expand by bringing on more employees to cover additional areas and promote more companies.

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