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Anger Management Guru Includes Co-Sponsored Training Programs in Affiliate Marketing System

Due in large part to the popularity of co-sponsored anger management training, Anderson & Anderson is now including its co-sponsored training program as a service that can be sold by its affiliates through their web sites.

Los Angeles, CA, September 28, 2009 --( Anderson & Anderson is adding its groundbreaking co-sponsored training program to the list of services that can be sold by Anderson & Anderson marketing affiliates. As the number of new and active affiliates increases, the company is adding more of its services and products into the system. The Anderson & Anderson affiliate program began as a way to get anger management providers who have been trained in the Anderson & Anderson model more involved in its marketing efforts. Since then the affiliate program has been open to all entrepreneurs and business owners who want to gain more expertise in internet marketing and generate passive income in the process.

Those interested in becoming affiliates of Anderson & Anderson start off by verifying that they have a functional web site and valid domain name. They register as members of the Anderson & Anderson affiliate system online. More information on how this is done is available by calling the Anderson & Anderson headquarters or by visiting their web site. Once they have registered, they can choose the products and services they wish to market on their own web sites. When a prospective client/customer or internet surfer visits their web site and wants to purchase the product and/or service, they will click on the product and/or service and be redirected to the Anderson & Anderson web site. The affiliate system picks up this transaction so that a commission will be generated for the affiliate. While Anderson & Anderson is responsible for finalizing the purchase of the product or service for the customer, the affiliate has done his or her part and can expect to receive a commission for that transaction.

Affiliates receive a commission that is thirty percent of the sale price of the product or service that is being marketed. For instance, if an affiliate sells a three-day co-sponsored training that will include thirty trainees at $500 per trainee per day, the co-sponsor will pay Anderson & Anderson a total sum of $45,000.00. In turn, the affiliate who sold the training through his/her web site will receive 30% of that total sum, which would amount to $13,500.00. Affiliates are already beginning to see the value of marketing and selling Anderson & Anderson products and services. The company has be paying commissions consistently on a bi-weekly basis. Those who want to become Anderson & Anderson affiliates are encouraged to call the office and visit their web site.

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