Project Management for Children Available in Software and Book

How can we motivate our children to learn?

Kapaau, HI, September 29, 2009 --( Before you invest on hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money on the latest video game, ask yourself these questions. Will this investment help my child to move ahead in life? Will this help secure their future? Will this make them a more productive citizen? Aiman Zouzou has created an innovative way for children to manage their time, money, and resources efficiently.

Zouzou noticed there was a lack of management skills in the children as he taught them in his computer classes. With this, he got motivated to create a program that would help them to learn different management skills. An interactive program that will keep the children interested and motivated to learn. This program will help them in every aspect of their lives.

Zouzou has spent many years teaching both children and adult classes in the Information Technology field.

Project Management for Children
Aiman Zouzou