Event Scheduling in a Timely Manner Now a Possibility with tymelie

Zurich, Switzerland, September 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- September – the month when school starts again, the last quarter of the year sets in, and the holiday season slowly creeps up on us. Each passing day brings yet another event to plan. Starting to feel overwhelmed?

Out of the same country known for its adherence to schedules, the precision of its watches, and the punctuality of its transportation, comes tymelie, an easy to use tool to plan events quickly, without all the runaround of years before. tymelie can used in a variety of settings, whether it be a barbecue with friends, a family reunion, or a business meeting.

Let's take for example that barbecue with friends. To begin the scheduling process, the host goes to tymelie.com and schedules an event. He or she selects a couple of days that work. Next, he or she enters some possible times for the gathering. Entering this information takes less than a minute. Afterwards, tymelie automatically generates an event with the dates and times provided and displays the link on the screen. The last step for the event's creator is to send this link to all other participants.

Those invited to the barbecue will then receive the link to the event in their mailbox. Using this link, they can vote for their preferences. The responses of all participants are displayed in a table, and the best date, the one the most people voted for, is clearly visible. That's when the barbecue is!

What used to be a long, arduous process of calling or emailing back and forth has now been shortened to a quick three-step process. What's more , there is no drawn-out registration process to complete after receiving an event link. Users just click and enter when they're available. Neither the creator of an event nor its participants need to have an account to use tymelie, but those who do benefit from a central control panel where they can see all of their events at a glance. In addition, registered users can personalize the design of tymelie with several templates.

If desired, users can receive real-time email updates when someone selects their preferences or leaves a comment. Those who don't want to clutter up their inbox can instead subscribe to an event's RSS feed and receive updates through their feed reader. For Facebook users, a tymelie application is also available on Facebook, and for scheduling on the go, a mobile version will be released shortly.

About tymelie
tymelie was created with the vision to make scheduling events as easy as 1-2-3. By focusing on the structure, style, and security of tymelie, tymelie intends to make the process as pleasant as it always should have been.

For more information on how tymelie can help you, please visit www.tymelie.com.

Robert Baumgartner