New Age Diamonds
New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds - diamonds for the modern world

Original producer of cultured diamonds is entering the market - Russian lab-grown diamonds of gem-quality are available now, in orange, vivid yellow and greenish. Affordable beauty for new generation.

Leukerbad, Switzerland, June 28, 2005 --( Diamonds of the new century - cultured fancy colored diamonds - is the product of New Age Diamonds Inc. that consolidated under this brand a Russian former space lab where HPHT method for producing synthetic gem-quality diamonds originally was developed and applied - and all representative branches.

That is not just one more company trying to amaze the world and unshakeable diamond empire - but the powerful manufacture with wide scope of production where 120 unique high-capacity machines are producing orange, vivid yellow and greenish diamonds, grown in lab but having all chemical, physical and optical properties of real diamonds - and their attraction.

After years of research based on the Russian scientists' investigations with purpose to obtain gem-quality cultured diamonds, as well as the diamonds for technical needs in the field of microelectronics, and innovation of technology New Age Diamonds is ready to enter the market with a new company strategy that includes positive concept of joy-gems.

"Our aim is not to conquer the stable and respectable diamond market," Mr.Shulepov, the president of New Age Diamonds said, "but to find the new one for our synthetic diamonds, the special niche that definitely exists. The reason to buy New Age Diamonds is obvious - they are as beautiful as real fancy colored diamonds, they have their brilliance and fire - but the price is times less."

Rich intensive colors of these stones give the unique possibilities for contemporary design of jewellery - affordable adornment for new generation, open-minded and new fashion oriented people who don't have any prejudices and can value the beauty and the purity of New Age Diamonds.

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