Japan Private Language Teaching Goes 2.0

Teacher-in-Japan.com is one of the first sites of its kind to include connectivity with big "Web 2.0" successes, in an attempt to revive a declining market.

Osaka, Japan, October 03, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Japan is perhaps the country using private teaching the most. Indeed, as soon as elementary school days, young students often attend private classes, in a country where success in studies is vital.

It is also well-known that Japanese people are usually interested in other cultures and countries.

Having this in mind, it is no surprise that the Japanese private language teaching market grew quite big over the years, as teaching jobs are the best opportunity for foreigners to be employed.

With Internet's explosion in the late 90's, online matching systems for language tutors and students quickly showed up.

The principle is simple : students fill a form which describes the "dream teacher", and they are returned the best matches.

However, while these systems knew a vast success in the early 2000's, their importance started slowly decreasing over the last few years, overshadowed by more general network systems.

In an attempt to bring fresh blood to the market, teacher-in-japan.com was created. Its strategy? Bring back students and teachers by making the best use of general social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Indeed, students are increasingly using these websites when they start looking for teachers.

Anthony Teixeira, webmaster of the website, explains: "There have been quite a few (teachers / students) matching system websites running since the early 2000's. Although these websites offer solid content, they got old and don't take advantage of the last big Internet developments. This is where we aim to make a difference and bring the market back to its glorious days. We offer our users to link to their videos, blogs and any relevant 'social' content; As a website, we set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Mixi (Japan's biggest social network) and other big social networks to improve our visibility."

After releasing the new version of teacher-in-japan.com , Mr Teixeira is expecting to double the number of its students within 3 months, relying on the success of social networks.

Anthony Teixeira