Real Estate Investors Turn to the Internet to Generate Leads

The Need to Reach Homeowners in Trouble Expands to New Technologies and Using the Internet as a Marketing Tool.

Mooresville, NC, October 04, 2009 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us, interviewed Matt Gerchow, real estate investor and internet marketing expert. Matt is a long time real estate investor who was looking for a way to increase his efficiencies in finding and communicating with distressed homeowners in need of a solution. After many trials and errors he was able to work with system that allows him to find and attract potential leads. These leads are generated through the internet allowing him to automate the marketing process.

Matt shared that he now uses a system that allows him to create individual real estate investor websites that target particular markets of sellers. Some of these markets would include those in pre-foreclosures, probate attorneys, families in divorce and other people who would need to sell quickly and without hassle. Each of these sites are targeted in their message and provide a way for the seller to provide all of the information on the house and the owner’s needs in selling.

Mr. Gerchow explained that having leads is only one part of the process. Having the ability to follow up on these leads is where the deals get done. When an investor gets larger it becomes difficult to follow up with each individual. He again turns to the web to handle this for him by creating automated follow up emails to stay in touch with homeowners to stay in front of them and convert more leads to sales.

He has not abandoned traditional marketing methods such as direct mail, a real estate investor favorite, instead he uses the web as a way for those leads to contact him and then continue the conversation through email or phone calls to build a relationship and close the deals.

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