Al Qaeda Hates Eco-Dent Toothpowder

Twin Lakes, WI, September 22, 2006 --( When The U.S. government banned toothpaste on airplanes, Al Qaeda thought they were winning. They pictured millions of travelers passing out from the accumulated bad breath of toothpaste-deprived air travelers on airplanes all over the country. This was for them another sign that they were forcing the Americans to give up their cherished rights. They also realized that the long-term impact of reduced dental hygiene would lead to more tooth and gum problems and costs for Americans, and help them in their plan to bury America economically through driving up our costs. Little did they know that resourceful Americans had a secret weapon that could defeat this insidious attack on the smiles of America.

Eco-Dent toothpowder came to the rescue. While toothpaste is banned from flights, Eco-Dent toothpowder is permitted in carry on bags. Airport screeners permit this product through, no doubt recognizing the real benefits to everyone of having smiling airplane passengers. Not only is Eco-Dent toothpowder good for fighting the war on terror, but it also is good for your teeth. Fresh breath, great taste, smilingly-clean teeth, easy to use, ultimately portable and “airline safe.”

Eco-Dent toothpowder comes in a 2 oz. bottle good for approximately 200 brushings (about a 3 month supply, making it the most economical choice) as well as a convenient travel pack containing 15 single-day packets that are no bigger than a packet of coffee sweetener. Eco-Dent can be found at most major health food stores, such as Whole Foods, or Wild Oats, as well as online, including The website contains lots of information about this time-tested formula at

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