Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Provides New Revenue Stream to Print Publications

Publications across the U.S. are using MediaBids' Per-Inquiry (PI) Print Advertising program to generate additional print advertising revenue. This program focuses on a performance-based print advertising structure in which publications get paid based on the response an ad receives.

Winsted, CT, October 14, 2009 --( Thousands of newspapers and magazines across the US are tapping into a new type of revenue stream through MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program. These publications are using PI advertising rather than house ads to monetize unused print advertising inventory.

What is MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program?

MediaBids' Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program is a web-based program that enables newspapers and magazines to run ads from national, direct-response advertisers in their publications. Newspapers and magazines get paid based on the response the ad generates. For example, some advertisers pay a fixed amount per call - others pay a fixed amount per sale.

Here's how it works:

A newspaper or magazine creates a free account on and chooses from over forty national advertisers they'd like to run in their publication. They specify the color and size of the ad that they'd like.
The ad is then uploaded to their MediaBids account on the materials deadline date they specify. The publication runs the ad and gets paid based on how many calls/leads/sales the ad generates - the payment structure varies from advertiser to advertiser.

Benefits to Print Publications:
Generate additional revenue by running PI print ads instead of house ads.
Benefit from having national, branded advertisers run in print.

Benefits to Advertisers:
Pay for print advertising on a performance basis.
Takes the risk out of buying print.

Current Participants:
Currently, over 3,000 print publications in the US (including daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, shoppers and magazines) participate in Mediabids' program, which includes more than forty direct-response advertisers.

To learn more about Mediabids, visit or call 1-800-989-0406.

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Jessica Lampron