The FreeLivingMortgages New Mortgage Product Might Come to the Rescue in Current Crisis

FreeLivingMortages has developed a new mortgage product which is less expensive than the current mortgages. The redemption will be reduced with 20 to 40%.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 20, 2009 --( The “Economic Crisis” is a well-known term nowadays. Many companies struggle to survive, stock markets worldwide have crashed and most households feel the consequences of this crisis. One of the most devastating results of this crisis is the effects it is having on the cost of mortgages for home owners and home buyers.

It all started in July 2007, when investors lost confidence in the value of securitized mortgages in the USA, and the housing bubble burst. The TED, an indicator of perceived credit risk in the general economy, hereafter spiked up because of an injection of capital into financial markets. This capital infusion was needed to prevent even bigger economic failures. As stock markets worldwide crashed and a period of high volatility followed, the crisis deepened.

However… a solution for this crisis might be closer than we think. A new mortgage product has been developed which will significantly reduce the cost of the typical mortgage, and only has to be introduced into the market. This mortgage product distinguishes itself by the fact that the redemption will be 20% to 40% less than current payments. As a result of this, more households will be able to qualify for a home purchase, and with a reduction in the monthly cost of housing, the purchasing power of the typical household will increase. This will produce a significant boost to the economy. Thereby all risks are sufficiently covered.

The developer of this mortgage product started his search for a new mortgage with the goal of developing a mortgage product that was affordable for everybody. At the time this product was ready to be implemented, the financial crisis struck. Therefore it is now most important to find investors, who are willing to participate in this project. The return on investment is extremely high and this product is applicable worldwide.

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