Real Estate Investor Shows How He Automated His Business

Real Estate Investing Can Often be Time Consuming and Repetitive. Creating a System for Finding Sellers, Making Offers and Selling Homes is Essential

Mooresville, NC, October 20, 2009 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us, hosted a 90 minute webinar live online Wednesday October 14th with Kris Kirschner, real estate investor and national educator. Kris has helped over 50,000 students learn to buy and sell real estate at a profit, many of them working on their business on a part-time basis.

During the webinar Kris explained the three ways he purchases homes without any of his own money or credit. These were not far fetched ideas but unique creative real estate investing techniques that any investor can do in their own market. Each of his strategies are designed to take advantage of the current foreclosure boom and mortgage meltdown.

What is unique about Mr. Kirschner’s system is that he has been able to create an automated system that allows investors to do three things without any personal analysis or work.

1. Marketing to motivated sellers
2. Analyzing and submitting offers
3. Selling properties online and to local retail customers

Kris provided many real world examples of how real estate investors can capitalize on today’s market to make money quickly through wholesaling properties, in the long term by renting and lease-optioning homes and in the mid-term by selling retail, as he calls them, “pretty houses.”

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