RNCOS Releases a New Report - US Aluminum Market Analysis

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “US Aluminum Market Analysis” to its report gallery. Their report provides analytical study of aluminum market in the US.

Noida, India, October 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “US Aluminum Market Analysis” to its report gallery. The US aluminum industry is the world's single largest producer of primary aluminum, with over 300 plants in 35 states and employs over 145,000 people at an annual payroll of about US$ 5 Billion. Aluminum is one of the few products and industries left in America that truly impacts every community in the country - either through physical plants and facilities, recycling, heavy industry or consumption of consumer goods.

In terms of its positive economic and environmental impact, the aluminum industry remains one of the most significant success stories nationally as well as internationally. Despite taking giant leap forward and great success stories in recent years, the industry has been affected by slowdown in automobile and construction industry but a strong recovery is promised in 2010 on account of government stimulus package and increasing consumer confidence. In addition, the global consumption of aluminum products, both upstream and downstream, is expected to double annually by 2020. This will give ample reasons for players to enter the market with ever increased production capacities.

Some fundamental characteristics such as recyclability, strength and inherent flexibility are gradually making aluminum an important metal for the real estate and construction industry in the US. Moreover, automobile manufacturers are increasingly using aluminum in auto parts and automobile body manufacturing. This is expected to trigger aluminum demand with the recovery of country’s automobile and real estate industry from recession in late 2010.

Their new research report “US Aluminum Market Analysis” is an analytical study of aluminum market in the US. It rationally discusses past and current performance of the market, and gives information of trends that will emanate in future. This report provides a conceptual understanding of aluminum industry’s performance in all prominent aluminum intensive industries - including transportation, packaging, building construction, etc. It also gives a futuristic outlook of potential opportunity areas for aluminum industry such as healthcare, cable and transmission, green home, green car industries. The report has been made considering the impact of global economic slowdown on the aluminium industry to provide clients with an unbiased analysis that helps them in devising strategies for venturing into the US aluminium industry.

For research purpose, the market has been defined in terms of primary aluminum production.

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