ODT Releases New Desktop Peters Map

ODT Inc., the North American publisher of Arno Peters' famous equal-area world map, has just released a Peters desktop format map at 11” x 17.” The Peters Map, featured on the hit TV show “The West Wing,” is a provocative new way to look at the world…treating each country equally, without the bias or distortion of size that typically exaggerates the size and importance of the nations in the Northern Hemisphere.

Amherst, MA, October 27, 2009 --(PR.com)-- A new edition of the Peters Map has just been released by ODT Inc., the map's North American publisher. “We’ve had customers asking for a desktop Peters map for years,” says Bob Abramms, ODT's founder and product development director. “Not only is the map completely cartographically up-to-date,” Abramms explains, “but we’ve printed a down-to-earth explanation of the map on the reverse side.”

“The new map Explanation gives students and teachers an easy way to decipher the hidden meaning of maps in general….and the Peters map in particular,” says Ann Hopkins, ODT’s Sales Director. The new map image is posted at http://odtmaps.com/detail.asp_Q_product_id_E_PETERSdesktop

The original Peters Map, introduced in 1974 by Arno Peters, put forth a world-view that featured accurate sizes and proportions of countries. Peters’ accompanying text declared his “equal area” map projection to be “the map for our time” which was “fair to all peoples." He compared it to what he noted were the biases and distortions of the traditional Mercator projection map. Some critics found Peters' words to be too self-aggrandizing. A controversy ensued regarding Peters' assertions and is often referred to as "cartography's defining moment."

The new desktop map offers the opportunity for schools to provide maps to all students, who gain from it a clear view of the world without the size distortions of traditional maps, which tend to give more area and prominence to the Northern Hemisphere countries. ODT has printed a black & white explanation on the back of the map which provides a context for understanding how map projections shape our view of the world.

Since its introduction, the Peters Map has attracted worldwide press coverage, both praise and criticism, and has garnered more attention than any other map in history. One of the harshest critics of the Peters Map in the past has been Professor Mark Monmonier of Syracuse University. Upon seeing the new desktop map, Monmonier said, “ODT’s map explanation on the back of the new Peters’ desktop map…provides a carto-political context for the Peters Map and exemplifies the fervor that accounts for its wide use as a geographic reference tool.” ODT had pre-sold over 4,000 copies of the new desktop maps even before it came off the press.

Whether perceived as a "radical" viewpoint or not, the Peters Map continues to intrigue people today. In 2002, ODT received a request from the hit TV show, “The West Wing” to feature the map on an episode. To date, more than 18 million copies of the map are in circulation worldwide.

An Arno Peters photobiography is at http://www.odtmaps.com/behind_the_maps/peters_maps/peters-album.asp

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