Go-Kustom Films Launches Unique Automotive Poster, Sticker and Merchandise Lines

New website Go-Charger.com features a new product line of gearhead posters, calendars, coffee mugs and stickers designed by Mopar Maniac, musician & film maker D.A. Sebasstian.

Seattle, WA, October 26, 2009 --(PR.com)-- What started out as prop posters for indie-film Hot Rod Girls Save The World soon took on a life of their own. Says director D.A. Sebasstian, “In the opening sequences of Hot Rod Girls, you see the heroine pull into a gas station. Of course I couldn’t use a “real” brand of gasoline without permission, so I invented my own gas company for the film called “Bad Gas.” I made logos for the gas pumps, and caps and shirts of the gas station attendants. I have a graphics arts background so they looked fairly realistic. For additional authenticity I made posters that you see on the gas station walls. As we were promoting the film, we made some of these “Bad Gas” posters and had them hanging at car shows and festival screenings. People would come up to me and want to buy them. I decided to start selling them online and that was the real beginning of Go-Charger.com. At the last car show we attended, we sold out of the Bad Gas Stickers in a few hours. I don't know how many area Hot Rods have got a Bad Gas sticker on them now.”

Because of the popularity of the Bad Gas line of calendars, stickers and posters, Sebasstian decided to create more merchandise using some of his Phantom (“what if”) kustom cars and vintage Mopar concept artwork. The current line includes a Dodge Ramcharger R/T (“what if” Dodge had made a competitor to the Chevy El Camino and Ford Rancero back in the sixties), a Dodge Coronet Roadster Concept and a 1967 Dodge Eliminator (“what if” Dodge had made a pony car in 1967 instead of waiting until 1970).

Says Sebasstian, “I always loved the idea of phantom kustoms- it combines the pseudo historic and speculative- in a way that makes people really think about the possibilities of what if so and so company had built such and such. I have seen real car builders make some very authentic looking phantoms.”

But why the name Go-Charger.com? Explains Sebasstian, “We are in the process of building a 1966 Dodge Charger Straight Axle for my next film The Legend Of D.B. Petty. We are slowly chronicling the build on the website. Chris Darland of Chris Garage in Medford, Oregon is doing the work. That's what the website started out as. Now it has morphed into something else. The Charger based artwork is an extension of my passion for the first generation Chargers, Cornets and early Mopars. ”

Future series will include a 1941 Hemi Willys, 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, 1956 Chrysler 300B a set of mid-sixties A/FX cars, a 1964 Dodge Polara kustom and of course more Bad Gas designs.

Go-Charger.com use Cafepress.com exclusively for their merchandise.

For more information, please visit www.go-charger.com

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