With the IEI NDSP Network Digital Signage Player, Everyone is an Ad Director

IEI Technology Corp., the world’s leading industrial computer provider is proud to introduce NDSP-500, a turnkey digital signage solution that allows you to design, edit, schedule, transfer and broadcast your creative marketing messages.

Brea, CA, September 30, 2006 --(PR.com)-- In today’s business environment dominated by advertising and marketing communication, getting customers to spend their money relies on good advertising. Now, with the “NDSP Network Digital Signage Player” from IEI, business owners can easily build their own custom promotion platform! With NDSP, anyone can design and show dynamic digital contents to target audience, and most important of all, update the content anytime, anywhere:

•Dynamic displays to attract view impressions.
•Flexible scheduling feature allows you to send messages to the right eyes at the right time
•Real-time promotions in-store improve the profits on promoted products
•Great savings in traditional advertising costs with a system that can be reused and offers great variety in possible designs.

In July this year IEI Technology formed a strategic partnership for the first time with Tatung Co., the leading home appliance manufacturer in Taiwan, to promote the launch of Tatung’s flagship store by combining Tatung LCD TVs and IEI NDSP digital signage player. With NDSP, LCD TVs are no longer just one of the commodities on the shelf, but a brand new advertisement space for storeowners! The dynamic electronic advertising attracted the attention of customers and made real contributions to the overall sales. Due to the success of the collaboration, IEI Technology and Tatung intend to continue working together in the future to expand the roll-out to all stores around Taiwan. By using NDSP, they will not only improve buyer interest in-store but also enable consumers to receive support from Tatung stores all around Taiwan, providing a win-win situation for all involved.

Digital Signage is now no longer a powerful marketing tool restricted to big enterprises. IEI NDSP is suitable for SMEs and chain stores, enabling users to create their personalized digital advertising content and effectively boost their revenue!

* Excellent sales tool for all business
NDSP is well suited for the following types of businesses: 
Hairdresser’s Salons, Beauty Parlors, Mom-and-pop stores, Personal Studios, Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Gyms, Boutiques, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Furniture Stores, Kindergartens, Travel Agencies, Clinics, Offices, Factories, Tradeshows, etc.

~ IEI NDSP ~ Designing advertisement in your way; communication with your target audience has never been easier.

IEI Technology USA Corp.
Carol Hsu