JGraph Ltd Announces the Beta Release of mxGraph Offering the Capability to Draw in Every Web Page

Zurich, Switzerland, September 29, 2006 --(PR.com)-- mxGraph (http://www.mxgraph.com) is a diagramming library that enables Web developers to provide a rich user experience in a native Web browser. From now on, every Web page can explain their story in pictures and allow the readers to fully interact. Most importantly, it requires no plug-ins to operate. With XML configuration, the look and feel of the drawing application means that the ability to program Javascript is not required to produce rich customized-looking diagramming applications in a Web page.

"Our customers have already seen the clear advantages of fast browser-based drawing without any need to wait for a server on the network to send updates." said David Benson of JGraph. "In addition, working with browsers without plug-ins means you know every user can, in essence, draw on your Web page. Even though this is a beta release, we've been deluged by pre-orders for the product. With this much functionality in the beta, and a packed development schedule over the coming years, I can see mxGraph fast becoming the de-facto standard for online diagramming."

Steve Wood of high-tech company Informavores, found mxGraph's capability to be a perfect fit in his product requirements - "The ability to edit complex diagrams within a Web browser is the final solution we need to move our entire application to a thin client architecture. mxGraph is a critical component for rich Web applications. There's nothing like it on the market today."

"We have worked hard to make mxGraph intuitive, yet powerful", said Gaudenz Alder, lead architect of the mxGraph component, "I think developers will be pleasantly surprised by how easily they can produce a powerful Web-based diagramming application and I hope they will test it out for themselves online at the Web site."

JGraph Ltd is based in the U.K. and Switzerland and has been producing diagramming toolkits for developers since 2000.

David Benson
Business Development Manager
JGraph Ltd
+44 (0)20 7871 2332

JGraph Ltd
David Benson
+44 (0)20 7871 2332