Party with Other Health-Minded People and Meet a World Class Nutritionist

On November 1st in Marina Del Rey there is an event which is of interest to all health seekers. Starting at 1 PM, a potluck party is being held. Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D. will be present.

Marina Del Rey, CA, November 01, 2009 --( World traveled author and speaker, and originator of the Primal Diet (TM) - a raw food diet - will be in Marina Del Rey to visit with friends and talk about how to restore and maintain your health.

From one who has been there, Aajonus Vonderplanitz Ph.D., came out of the grips of disease and death when he was a terminally ill cancer patient in his early 20's. He has outlived his death sentence by 40 years and is going strong. A very perceptive and experienced nutritional educator, he is also a hands-on researcher. The fruits of his years of developing the Primal Diet (TM) are his two books "We Want To Live: the Primal Diet" and "The Recipe for Living Without Disease". It is a privilege to have him with us Sunday November 1st for a party starting at 1:00 PM.

The potluck party is free; it is fun. It runs about two hours. Nothing is sold or bought but great friendships can be created at this informal get-together. For those who want more details about the Primal raw food diet and wish to stay after the party, there will be a discussion period in the format of a 'question and answer' session. Details of the potluck party, what to bring and all about the following Q & A should be viewed beforehand at Aajonus' main site.

Jim Ellingson of the Nutritional Foundation for Well Being (in partnership with Dr. Vonderplanitz) has said "This is a get-together of good people, a good time and a great way to meet someone important who has changed many lives for the better. If you are curious, show up and see for yourself. You might gain an understanding of some of the basics of nutrition and how to apply the principles of good health in your own life."

Nutritional Foundation for Well Being
Jim Ellingson