Web Host’s Customer Support Under Test at HosTest.net

Brno, Czech Republic, September 30, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Customer support is crucial in the web hosting business. Web hosts looking to improve their customer support performance will benefit from a new service available at HosTest.net. The testing and audit service of HorMart Ltd. gives the feedback on how customers are treated.

WHAT: Web hosting companies can choose among three basic services. If a web host would like to see the business through the eyes of its customer, then the individual customer support audit is the best option. Competitors benchmarking answers the question “Do competitors provide better support to their customers?” The third option suits web hosts targeting new markets. It brings review of the customer support level standards in different markets.

WHY: An efficient customer support is one of the key elements that attract the customers - web site owners. From audit results the web hosting providers learn if customer support operations add the real value to their customers.

WHO: Company HorMart has developed a sophisticated methodology for measuring the performance of web hosts' support teams over the last two years. The testing runs in non-stop 24/7 mode and includes both non-professional and expert questions simulating customers with different backgrounds.

HOW: The audit program covers multiple communication channels: e-mail, phone, live chat. The quality of the response to each testing question is evaluated according to five-point scale. E-mail answers have an additional parameter: the response time.

WHERE: The audit service offered at HosTest.net is designed for web hosting providers all around the globe. Currently the testing service is available only in English.

Company HorMart, based in Brno, Czech Republic, has focused in the web hosting industry since 2000. HorMart, a privately held audit and market research company, has been successful in providing performance improvement tools for leading web hosting providers.

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