Appia Brings Trading-Turret Functionality to IP Phones

Automatic ringdown capability gives fund managers and traders all the flexibility and speed they need, but at significantly lower cost.

New York, NY, November 04, 2009 --( For financial traders, a delay of only a few moments can literally mean the difference between profit and loss.

Appia Communications has announced that it can turn an ordinary IP phone into an indispensable trading tool that meets this need for speed.

While both voice and data are important on the trading floor, voice still remains the prime driver. Trading professionals rely on specially configured, private “ringdown” phone circuits for instant, automatic connectivity: when one line is picked up, the phone on the other end rings immediately.

To coordinate these private ringdown hotlines, many firms also invest heavily in trading turrets, which are expensive amalgamations of monitors, phone lines, and other hardware that help managers oversee several traders at once.

Appia has a much more affordable way for traders to achieve the same phone functionality and get instant access to dozens of crucial contacts.

Appia can give an ordinary IP phone the same automatic connection capabilities as a turret. Additional extensions can be added with “sidecar” attachments to the phone, and each button on a sidecar can be assigned to a different ringdown, giving fund managers all the flexibility and speed they need, but at significantly lower cost.

“It’s another example of how IP technology can combine cost savings with operational improvements,” said Jason Ulm, Appia’s vice president of sales. “Whether your fund is starting up, expanding, or just needs a new phone system, this is an affordable, easily scalable way to tailor your phones to the unique demands of fund management.”

For more information on how Appia’s managed services can help financial firms, please contact Jason Ulm at 800-877-2224 or visit

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