Discovering Italy and Learning Its Culture and Language: Academic School Year

Academic School Year in Italy: spending a whole gap year in Italy for learning Italian language and culture, and making new friends.

Florence, Italy, November 05, 2009 --( Every year, many students from all over the world decide to have a different experience and learn a foreign language in a foreign country, and more and more young people choose Italy as their favorite destination.

Italy in fact, offers a wide range of environments, landscapes, cities where to live for a long term period, for studying the language, for working or just for knowing Italian wonderful country and culture, rich of traditions and ancient habits and customs.

In Italy it is possible to find cosmopolitan and internationally renowned cities like Milan or Rome, or smaller but rich of art and culture towns like Florence or Siena. It is easy to make new friends and know people of different nationalities who want to share such a magnificent experience with other students. It is an occasion which young students have to try at least once in their life.

That’s the reason why so many students come to Italy and choose the Italian language school for foreigners Leonardo da Vinci to spend an Academic School Year in Italy and learn Italian language.

The Academic School Year or Gap Year course in fact is intended for beginner and elementary students and lasts for 32 weeks, leading to the internationally-recognized AIL (Accademia Italiana di Lingua) diplomas (DILI-Intermediate and DALI-Advanced).

By attending this course, students will gradually learn Italian language, but they will also discover and deepen every aspect of Italian culture, from art and culture, to economy and fashion.

The course is divided essentially in two parts: the first part of the program is concentrated on Italian language preparation and grammar, where students will attend 480 Italian standard course lessons, taught in Italian from the very start and 80 lessons to prepare them for the AIL diplomas, whereas the second one is focused on art, history, civilization, business and fashion subjects.

At the end of the course, students will have to write a final essay on a topic of their own choosing related to Italian culture (art, history and business Italian), with the help of the school library and of a personal tutor (10 lessons).

The Italian language schools for foreign students Leonardo da Vinci are located in Rome, Milan, Florence and Siena and students will have the chance to attend the Academic School Year courses in all the school locations.

Next starting dates for the Academic School Year Course are:

- From 4th January 2010 to 13th August 2010;
- From 3rd May 2010 to 10th December 2010;
- From 20th September 2010 to 13th May 2011.

Further information about the Academic School Year in Italy are available on the website

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Alessandra Ricci