Zune User Group Formed for Forthcoming Microsoft Zune Player

An online user group, discussion forum and news resource has been formed to unite users of the Microsoft Zune worldwide. Membership is free.

Seattle, WA, October 02, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Serving a dual purpose, the Zune User Group (ZUG) and its discussion forum ZCommunity were officially launched today through its official web site http://www.zuneusergroup.com.

Said the founder, Ash Nallawalla, "I created this online community partly because I have been involved with running traditional personal computer user groups since 1982 and believe that their days are numbered unless they embrace the online community model."

A user group (UG) is (in this context) a group of computer owners or users who help one another. "Users helping users" is a common motto of most such UGs. Traditional user groups tend to charge dues, hold meetings, have a printed newsletter and often have a web site.

When asked, "Why do we need a user group for the Zune?", replied Mr Nallawalla, "No, ZUG is not a traditional user group. It is one of thousands of online communities, which I consider to be the new user groups. Membership of such communities is mostly free; members help one another; and sometimes they meet in person and often they do not. They are open to anyone on the planet who has Internet access."

Participants in ZCommunity are encouraged to discuss the Zune and to form Zune SIGs within their existing user group or create in-person meetups close to home.

About the founder:

Ash Nallawalla has been a volunteer or leader in computer user groups since 1982, notably in the Melbourne PC User Group, the world's largest PC user group and in the Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG), an international umbrella body of user groups. He is a search engine marketing product manager for an international company by day.


Ash Nallawalla
Zune User Group
650-585-1038 (US number, but note time difference for Eastern Australia is UTC +10 hours)

Zune User Group
Ash Nallawalla
The phone rings in Australia so please do not call before noon Pacific time.