1st Galaxy’s Explosive Survey Finds Safety Comes Second-Best for Fireworks

1st Galaxy have undertaken a survey that finds that when it comes to fireworks, ‘bigger is best,’ with safety only coming second best.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, November 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- When it comes to home fireworks displays, people think that ‘bigger is best,’ but admit that safety often comes second best, according to a recent survey.

According to the survey, which was undertaken by UK fireworks specialist, 1st Galaxy, 54% of people will be looking for home fireworks displays with the maximum impact this year – those fireworks with the highest reach and loudest bang, and yet 61% of those asked didn’t know the minimum distance from the audience that a firework should be launched.

Other findings from the survey include:

· 40% of people admit they don’t read the fireworks’ instruction labels carefully
· 66% of people would never ask for help when launching a firework
· 57% of people have had a firework misfire at a fireworks display that they have held in their garden.

As a result of these findings, 1st Galaxy is launching a ‘How-to-buy fireworks guide’ for fireworks, to help people make informed choices as to which fireworks are most suitable for home fireworks displays, and providing a comprehensive safety guide as to how to best launch fireworks.

Displays Manager Lee Smith, from 1st Galaxy said, ‘Obviously in my line of business, I love fireworks night and I want people to have as much fun as possible. Home fireworks displays can be brilliant, especially for little ones, but it’s so important that people know what they are buying, know that it’s the right thing for the space they have got and for the people who will be watching.

‘What was most worrying for me about the survey is that 32% of the people thought that the minimum distance to stand away from a display was 40% less than the real figure, as this is the most basic rule that people should be following. That’s why we felt compelled to launch this guide, to try and inform as many people as possible.’

Station Manager Stewart Key from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We want people to enjoy bonfire night in a safe and enjoyable environment. For those choosing to host their own display it is very important fireworks are stored responsibly, they are let off one at a time following the firework instructions and spectators are kept away from the firework display. Remember - alcohol and fireworks do not mix, keep pets indoors and have a bucket of water on hand for used sparklers."

Don't forget the Firework Code:
• Keep fireworks in a closed box.
• Stand well back.
• Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn’t gone off, it could still explode.
• Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
• Always supervise children around fireworks.
• Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves.
• Never give sparklers to a child under five.
• Keep pets indoors.
1st Galaxy’s ‘How-to-buy’ fireworks guide is available to download online from the 1st Galaxy website

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1st Galaxy Fireworks specialises in weddings, corporate events, parties and celebrations, and provide high quality display fireworks through their retail shops, mail order and online, ensuring only the best available firework collection is available nationwide. 1st Galaxy has seven shops in the Midlands in the UK and will be undertaking more than 50 organised displays around Bonfire Night, including the fireworks display at Nottingham Castle on November 5th 2009, supporting Nottinghamshire Royal Society for the Blind.

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