Child1st Publications Releases Easy-for-Me® List B Readers as a New Learning Disability Resource

Child1st Publications will soon release List B readers to continue its Easy-for-Me® series of decodable readers, suitable both as a learning disability resource and as a program for children just beginning to learn to read.

Lincolnton, NC, November 06, 2009 --( The new books continue the series of humorous decodable readers which provide children with the reading practice they need, while controlling the number of new words they encounter. Each reader gives children practice reading a few new words, while reviewing old words. The books progress in word difficulty and sentence length as a child reads through the series, providing valuable experience as well as boosting confidence. While the List A books included basic sounds and sight words, the List B books continue sight word acquisition and provide practice with more difficult sounds spellings. Each reader comes with a list of the phonics skills explored in the book so that parents and educators can prep children before reading each book. The release date for these valuable readers is set for Thanksgiving 2009.

"The release of these books is very exciting because they continue what was begun in the List A books, while reaching even further," said Sarah Major, CEO of Child1st Publications. "Parents and teachers can successfully enable their children to read by purposely teaching them the foundational elements in a way that makes sense and allows kids to love learning. And helping kids love learning is what we're all about."

Child1st Publications is a North Carolina based company that designs and sells multisensory educational materials targeting beginning and remedial learners, specifically those who would otherwise constitute the failing portion of educational test results. Child1st integrates explicit phonics instruction with specific strategies (visuals, movement, storytelling, humor, rhyme, and patterns) to engage children with an array of learning strengths. Incorporating a variety of strategies into each lesson ensures that the needs of each child in the group will be addressed. The products are specifically designed to help visual learners and other right brain learners, those labeled with dyslexia, autism, Asperger's, ADD, and those who struggle with reading comprehension. Child1st's products are also highly effective in teaching beginning readers, building a strong foundation for learning from the very start. Innovative products include SnapWords® (stylized sight words--words that appear most often in children's texts), SnapLetters®, and the Easy-for-Me® reading program. Also suitable for those learning English as a second, third, or even fourth language, Child1st's materials have been used by clients from Malta to Mexico, and the company is quickly building a strong Asian market.

Additional information is available by visiting or by calling (704) 240-9957.

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