Hormone Therapy Can be Safe and Effective

Dr. Mickey Barber, the CEO at Cenegenics Carolinas addresses the ongoing concerns about hormone therapy. Cenegenics Carolinas is an age management facility located in Charleston, SC and provides care for patients from around the country.

Charleston, SC, November 09, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Myth of the Month
Hormone therapy…Is it safe?

There is a common misconception that hormone therapy is not safe. But is that really true?

Cenegenics-Carolinas is an age management facility located in Charleston. They commonly hear misconceptions regarding hormone therapy. Are hormones safe?

Dr. Mickey Barber of Cenegenics-Carolinas addresses the issue. She states, “When used appropriately, under the guidance of a physician, studies have shown that the benefits tend to greatly outweigh most potential side effects. Of course, every case should be considered on an individual basis.”

Hormone therapy is just one tool some use to stay healthy for a longer period of time. People actually adjust their own hormone levels by getting more sleep, eating healthier, exercising more, and reducing stress. Says Dr. Barber, “Studies have shown that when used at safe levels, growth hormone, for example, reduces body fat, helps us retain calcium for healthy bones, and improves immunity and more. So hormones can have an extremely positive impact on our health and quality of life.”

Who should use hormone therapy? What do patients say about this common misconception and how hormone optimization has changed their lives? Dr. Barber, a board certified anesthesiologist and CEO of Cenegenics-Carolinas is available to discuss hormone therapy. Please call Laurin Collar with HHK Healthcare Marketing to schedule interviews regarding this Cenegenics-Carolina’s Myth of the Month.

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