Launches New Concept for Finding Freelance Jobs on the Internet

With the recession looming large, people are looking forward to alternative options to make money. At such a time, freelance jobs over the Internet are ruling the roost, resulting in new developments happening in this field almost every day. has just launched a novel method in which job hunters can find freelance assignments through a single webpage as an answer to current global trends.

Thrissur, Kerala, India, November 07, 2009 --( In an interesting new development in the freelance job world, an India-based website——has ushered in a concept of gathering available freelance jobs from various top-ranking online jobsites and bringing them together on a single webpage. This development is being especially lauded by the freelancing community because their task of hunting, bidding and acquiring jobs is made easier. is run by the company Freelance Radar, based in Kerala, India. Currently this company is being run on a small scale by Mr. Leejo Pyalappan and a partner. Their vision is to reach out to freelance workers from across the world and build up their company through such employees.

Up until now, people looking for freelancing opportunities on the Internet have used jobsites such as,,, and to look for work. Once they find a job that is suitable to their talents and tastes, they post bids on it and try to acquire the project. However, this has always been considered to be a time-consuming process, with some freelancers feeling the need to employ people just for the bidding and job acquisition process.

This is where the idea is touted to work. On the homepage of this site, you would find the latest 10 projects posted on these popular online jobsites at any time. You get information such as the person who has posted the job, the budget of the assignment, the time at which the post has been made and the status of the project posting. This makes freelancers arrive at a decision whether or not to bid on a particular project. If they decide to bid, they are directly led to the corresponding website where they can post detailed information on their bid.

The brainchild behind this simple but useful concept is Leejo Pylappan, who is himself an avid freelance professional and IT expert. In introducing his concept he says, “ is born out of a personal need. I have always felt the bidding process too cumbersome, something that actually obstructs my real zeal for the work I want to accomplish. My site is but a humble attempt at making the process of job acquisition simpler.”

Various freelance professionals across the Internet have praised the concept. Neil D’Silva, a top-ranking freelance professional on as well as says, “This concept has actually been long overdue. Now, it is possible for me to look at what new projects are posted across various websites at once, and make informed decisions on where bidding could be the most fruitful. This is definitely a timesaver; and that time can be used in more productive ways.”

The concept is fast catching on. This free service has hundreds of daily visitors already and the numbers are still piling up. For people who are already looking for alternative job options, it has suddenly become easier to get attractive assignments to bid on.

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