Team Fitness America’s November Fitness Trainer of the Month Takes Spotlight

Team Fitness America continues their Personal Trainer of The Month campaigns by announcing, Julia Luria, their November featured personal trainer. Several Team Fitness America consumers also share their thoughts why Luria is a fitness authority.

Newtown, PA, November 07, 2009 --( On a monthly basis, Team Fitness America propels a fitness trainer to the top of the ranks by announcing them as Personal Trainer Of The Month. This featured spotlight goes to a fitness trainer that is nominated through a high amount of client testimonials, a proven record of client accomplishment, and one that continues to go above and beyond with following company policies and procedures. The month of November goes to New Jersey personal trainer, Julia Luria, who has received rave reviews from her clients.

Luria, who is a dual certified personal trainer and graduate of Ohio State University with a B.S. in Education along with an emphasis on Sport Performance and Coaching, is a recurrently requested New Jersey personal trainer from Team Fitness America. Due to her outstanding client reviews and constant success with helping clients attain their fitness goals, Team Fitness America views Luria as a first-rate fitness trainer and wellness specialist.

Holding two certifications from both NASM and AFFA, Luria has been personal training for twelve years helping numerous clients finally reach the fitness goals so long dreamed of achieving.

“My goal is to make a difference in people’s lives and to help them live a long, happy, and healthy lifestyle,” said Luria, who has pledged to continue excellence to become Personal Trainer Of The Year.

“I enjoy going to workshops to further my knowledge and to keep me up to date with all aspects of fitness,” added Luria.

A few Team Fitness America consumers decided to share their thoughts and feelings about working with Julia Luria.

“I think that she’s doing a wonderful job, she’s really helping me out in many different ways,” said Kevin, a New Jersey client of Team Fitness America. “She understands my goals and has formulated a workout in training according to those goals and I am seeing results after just a few sessions.”

Other New Jersey clients such as Zaheda included, “I think that she is amazing and I have already dropped a pants size.”

“She is awesome and I am definitely going to get more sessions with her,” said Jennifer, who is also a Team Fitness America client from Rumson, NJ.

Team Fitness America has a wide variety of reasonably priced personal trainers that are magnificent at achieving results, but only one fitness authority per month will be chosen as The Personal Trainer Of The Month.

“Clients looking for a great New Jersey personal trainer can call in and request a fitness specialist just like Julia,” said Margaret Pajak, Team Fitness America and Fit2Max, LLC’s founder.

“We aim to keep providing America with personal trainers like her and have them share in the many joys of reaching fitness goals at an affordable price,” says Pajak.

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Debbie McFarlen