Buena Vista Disks.com Announces Art Disks (tm) Photo Printed CDs and DVDs

Graham, TX, November 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Do you store your precious family photos and videos on a CD or DVD to preserve and protect them?

BuenaVistaDisks.com announces they have a more elegant way to preserve those memories than on a marker-scrawled disk. Art Disks ™ are 600 dpi photo-printed CDs and DVDs for photos, videos, and files.

Photos on the disks range from Chip the Chipmunk in Colorado to Cruise Ships docked in Cozumel, to a photo of an evening windmill in Texas …a total of ten different scenes. Each photo is copyrighted by BuenaVistaDisks.com and available for $5.99 each in CD or DVD. A 5-pack option saves $1.00 each and a clamshell case is included with each disk.

Ken Turman, publisher, says “These 600 dpi printed photo disks are a great new idea for Christmas…beautiful, inexpensive and practical presents. I give a CD of the previous years’ photos and videos of the grandkids to our children as a Christmas present, and store vacation photos from our special trips on a disk. I can then delete those photos to prevent cluttering and possibly crashing my computer … and make room for all those new photos. Backing-up your digital photos is an absolute necessity, preferably with more than one copy!”

Additional scenes not usually stocked are available in minimums of 10 disks per subject at a cost-savings.

There is also an option for producing disks with a customer’s photo and captions –such as for advertising- that can be produced in minimum 50 disk orders for only $3.99 each. Free duplication of customers’ advertising or self-publishing is included when their Master disk is mailed in (subject to suitability standards for duplication).

Ken Turman