New Business Dedicated to Women's Issues Opens its Website to the Public Today

Passion Parties by Bethany, a business dedicated to women's health and happiness, opened its website to the public today.

Adamsville, TN, October 03, 2006 --( Featuring a large selection of women's products, and a few for men, the website is now accepting orders for all of its products. Because of the sensitive nature of some of the products access is limited to those of age 18 and over. Owner Bethany Hizer describes her product selection, “These are definitely product for a “mature” audience. However, I guess I got tired of women being vilified for wanting something that’s perfectly healthy and natural. That’s one reason why I decided to open this business. Women can get the products they want without fear of public scrutiny or embarrassment.”

Passion Parties by Bethany is also interested in providing information about employment opportunities available through its parent company. The website features a section with detailed information on how to join Bethany’s growing sales team.

In describing her motivation for beginning this business owner Bethany Hizer explained, "I've always been interested in helping others and this business allows me to do this in two ways. First, I can provide products that help couples maintain a healthy relationship. Second, I can help women become business owners by showing them the Passion Parties consultant opportunity."

Passion Parties by Bethany is dedicated to providing quality products, information, and employment opportunities for women aged 18 and over.

Passion Parties by Bethany
Bethany Hizer