Discounted Tyres Website Macsams Tyres Launches

Macsams Tyres launch discount tyre website

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, November 08, 2009 --(, a UK-based discounted tyre website has launched. The website - which is the brainchild of founder Greg Allison - allows visitors to purchase their new tyres online and have them fitted at a local garage in their area. The prices displayed to tyre shoppers are unique to and offer motorists savings of up to 45% on the rates found at traditional kwik fit centres.

Completely localised, the website allows customers to enter in the specifications of the tyres they require followed by their postcode. Details of the tyre width, profile, size and speed rating are asked for in order to provide customers with an exact match of the tyre they require. For drivers who are unsure of these details, the homepage of the website shows a picture of a tyre and details of how to find this information on the tyre. Upon pressing search, MacSams Tyres lists nearby fitting centres, exclusive discounted tyre prices and customer feedback from other users of the MacSams Tyres' website.

Focusing on the significantly lower tyre prices Macsams Tyres is able to offer motorists; the website highlights MacSams Tyres confidence in being able to offer UK residents “the cheapest online destination for tyres in the UK.”

Speaking about the reasons for launching, Founder Greg Alison said:

“We decided to launch our new tyre service in response to the feedback from our existing customers. They were so impressed with our business that they wanted to see us offer additional services like tyres. We looked at the tyre market and felt most existing online retailers were fairly dull, so we believed that we could really make a difference by offering customers a much better service and price.”

Having been mentored by Kwik-fit founder Sir Tom Farmer, MacSams Tyres owner Greg Allison is no stranger to the needs of motorists when it comes to tyre fittings and sales. The focus on quick service and ‘no hidden extras’, demonstrate a business model that is completely tuned to the needs of UK drivers.

Prior to launching MacSams Tyres, Greg Allison has focused much of his attention on his first business venture, A MOT discount website, Garages4You allows customers to compare the cost of MOTs in their local area, with exclusively negotiated deals for users. For example, a customer looking to get the cost of a MOT in Edinburgh would simply need to type in his postcode and select MOT – before pressing the search button.

A nationwide service, is not restricted to Edinburgh. The website allows customers to search for the costs of MOTs in Birmingham, Manchester and just about every other major city in the United Kingdom. After pressing search, the Garages4You website then lists nearby garages they're partnered with allowing customers to compare prices, reviews and other services each garage offers in order to find the best deal on MOT testing.

"Getting started wasn’t easy" said Greg Alison, "as some people in the industry did not want to see us bring MacSams Tyres to market due to concerns over our low pricing policy. Fortunately for the consumer we managed to overcome these obstacles and now offer a much cheaper alternative for motorists.

“We understand better than any of our competitors that most people do not enjoy having to purchase new tyres so we developed a quicker and easier buying process which has won praise from our customers. We have already shaken things up in the market and we are sure that our competitors will soon follow our lead. That will be a massive compliment to what we have achieved so far with MacSams Tyres and we will just have to innovate our business further which can only be good news for the customer”


MacSams Tyres is Greg Allison’s (27) second online venture and offers locally fitted tyres across the UK at discounted prices with savings of up to 45% compared to traditional fast fit centres. MacSams Tyres offers all major brands and an excellent selection of affordable mid range and budget tyres. The business takes a unique approach to tyre retailing by offering a no nonsense straightforward service designed for motorists with a limited knowledge of tyres. As result MacSams Tyres has pioneered the simplest online buying process in the industry enabling customers to purchase their new tyres in the fewest steps possible.

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