SkGold Hosting Encourages Non-Profits to Apply for Free Lifetime Web Hosting Account

SkGold Hosting invites non-profit and charitable organizations throughout Canada and the US to establish an online presence without charge. The company's initial offer includes one free year of access to a Baby Webhosting account, with the option to apply for a long-term account, for as long as the organization maintains its non-profit status.

Calgary, Canada, November 09, 2009 --( Seizing an opportunity to return something to the community, SkGold Hosting announced today that non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada and the US can sign up for a Baby Website Hosting account, totally free of charge.

In today's challenging global economy, it is absolutely essential that all businesses, including non-profits and charities, stretch every dollar in their budgets to the maximum. This offer should help ease some of the financial burden associated with maintaining an online presence for organizations that are not political or religious and that qualify as Canadian Registered Charities or 501(c)(3) organizations in the US.

"We believe it is an honor to be able to put back into our community. When we contribute where ever we can, we help to build a stronger community," says Sergey Krongold, CEO of SkGold Hosting, one of Canada's leading providers of shared web hosting. To give additional weight to his offer, Mr. Krongold promises that the company will not attach banners or other outside advertising to the non-profit accounts that it hosts for free.

To be eligible for a free Baby Website Hosting account, non-profit and charitable organizations must be able to demonstrate that they operate solely for the purpose of improving in some way the corner of the world they serve. Agencies that address human rights issues, protect animal welfare and track environmental concerns are only a few of the organizations that can take advantage of this offer.

The process to apply for a free account is very straightforward, according to Mr. Krongold. Those who are interested can simply send an email message describing their organization and what it does. The note must identify a contact person for the organization and include complete contact information, including telephone number, mailing address and website address.

In addition, it is essential that Canadian organizations include their Charitable Registration Number; groups in the US must forward proof of their 501(c)(3) status. The staff at SKGold hosting will review the materials and contact applicants within ten days.

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