Parason® Launches HMB Power™ And Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine™

Los Angeles based dietary supplement maker launches two new sports nutrition supplement products. Parason® HMB Power™ is a pure USP/FCC grade branch-chain amino acid metabolite; and Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine is a pure USP/FCC grade biologically fermented L-Glutamine.

Cerritos, CA, October 03, 2006 --( Parason Health Products, Inc. announced the introduction of two new sports nutrition dietary supplement products.  Parason® HMB Power™ and Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine are both amino acids or amino acid metabolites designed to help the body build muscle and prevent catabolysis among excercisers.  “The effects and benefits of L-Glutamine and beta-Hydroxy beta-Methylbutarate Monhydrate or HMB have been well documented among body builders” said Shabbir M. Akand, Director, Sales & Procurement for the company.

“According to research studies by the Journal of Applied Physiology, HMB may be responsible for increased muscle weight and strength.  L-Glutamine is another amino acid that is scientifically proven to maintain, support and promote healthy skeletal muscle growth and immune functions” said Sharmin A. Karim, Executive Director of the company.  Both products are geared toward the sports nutrition market, and mark the addition of two new products for the sector in the past 30 days.


Parason® HMB Power™ is pure beta-Hydroxy beta-Methylbutarate Monohydrate (HMB).  No added fat.  No fillers.  No sweeteners.  No preservatives.  Just the good stuff.  HMB is a branch-chain amino acid metabolite which has been shown to inhibit catabolysis.  HMB is a precursor to the amino acid L-Leucine, and keto-acid KIC.  HMB is also found naturally in catfish and grapefruit.  Parason® HMB Power™ may support skeletal muscle growth by inhibiting protein breakdown*.  Parason® HMB Power™ may be administered by mixing one gram with juice or water alone or by mixing it with Parason® Ultrapure™ Whey Protein three (3) times daily.  Available at quality concerned health food retailers near you or PARASON.COM for $59.99/200 gram jar.


Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine is pure USP/FCC grade biologically fermented L-Glutamine.  No fillers.  No sweeteners.  No preservatives.  Just the good stuff.  Glutamine is a ubiquitous amino acid found in the body, especially in skeletal muscles and is curical to several metabolic functions and immune health.  Glutamine supplementation assists and supports the body in protein synthesis and glycogen production*.  Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine may be administered by mixing two grams with juice or water on an empty stomach for pre- and post- exercise supplementation.  Available at quality concerned health food retailers near you or at PARASON.COM for $19.95/1,000 gram jar.


Parason® HMB Power™ and Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine are for adults 18 years of age or older.  Consult with a qualified health care practitioner prior to starting an exercise and supplementation program containing Parason® HMB Power and/or Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine.  Parason® HMB Power, Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine, and Parason® Ultrapure™ Whey Protein  are dietary supplements.  The statements contained in this press release have not been evaluated by the United States Food & Drug Administration.  Parason® HMB Power™, Parason® Ultrapure™ L-Glutamine and Parason® Ultrapure™ Whey Protein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


Established in 1996, Parason Health Products, Inc. is engaged in the research, discovery, development, manufacture, distribution, market and sale of dietary supplements, functional foods and pharmaceuticals.  Parason(r) products are formulated by qualified doctors, chemists and scientists who have decades of food science and pharmacology experience.  In addition to their skilled personnel, their products are Halal certified by the Islamic Society of North America, utilize only the finest raw materials sourced from all over the globe.  All of their raw materials are tested in their laboratory to be free of any impurities and analyzed for potency in compliance within the auspices of several globally accepted compendia including USP, BP, AP, NF, FCC and the Merck Index.


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