Measuring Impacts on Lean CRM Automation Technology

Tinton Falls, NJ, October 04, 2006 --( According to Larry Caretsky, President of Commence Corporation (, “In order to measure the results of automation implementations, leading industrial distributors and manufacturers first determined how their definition of success.”

The easiest way to do this is to follow these steps:

1. Identify the symptoms of Industrial CRM problems. For example “not penetrating target accounts enough”.
2. Break each symptom down into causes. For example, “only inside sales and management has a good idea what target accounts are doing”.
3. For each cause, determine which department is affected by this, and how much it is costing the department.
4. Identify a specific solution for each cause.

Once manufacturers have this information, they can determine the value of a specific solution, whether it is a reduction in cost or an increase in revenue. The critical factor is to return to these goals on a regular basis to make sure progress is being made.

In an effort to help industrial distributors and manufacturers thrive, Commence Corporation presents Practices That Pay: Leveraging Information to Achieve Industrial Selling Results, a compendium of smart practices from the leading industrial sales and marketing experts and organizations that are growing in today’s challenging environment.

Commence offers lean industrial companies complete “Freedom Of Choice” to select the solutions and platform that best meets the business requirements of manufacturers and distributors. The comprehensive CRM Industrial application suite is available for use on premise or on-demand as a hosted service. Industrial leaders often build departmental lean CRM solutions with the award winning Commence Lean Industrial CRM Framework. These choices are why so many industrial companies choose Commence as the solution for managing customer relationships. All Commence Industrial solutions support mobile or wireless connectivity and integration to back-office accounting and ERP systems.

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Larry Caretsky

Larry Caretsky