Third Party Alternative Investment Research and Advisory Firm Launches the Prohaus Group LLC

Provides valuations, research and strategy to investment banks, private equity, venture capital and institutional investors.

Cambridge, MA, November 11, 2009 --( The Prohaus Group LLC, formed by Darell Austin and McKenzie Slaughter, today announced the launch of its operations to offer fact-based valuations, research and strategy to Investment Banks, Private Equity, Venture Capital Firms and Institutional Investors within the small and middle markets. The firm’s coverage will focus on providing a holistic approach which includes discovering key issues and new opportunities for value innovation during the buy-side/sell-side investment decision-making process.

Following are the industries under coverage:
Financial Services
Hospitality & Leisure
Media & Entertainment

McKenzie Slaughter, Co-Founder and Principal Strategist, delivers proprietary research and strategy that synthesizes internal and external information including meetings and discussions with company managements and industry experts, market and sector assessments, consumer research and value development programs.

Darell Austin, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst, provides comprehensive valuation methodologies to assess key value drivers including comparable transactions, precedent trends, cash flow position and leverage buyout analysis. Mr. Austin also assists with initial public offering and merger & acquisition analysis and advisement.

“The timing for our services has never been greater,” said Mr. Austin, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst for Prohaus Group. “It is imperative that all investment decision makers carefully identify, validate, articulate and act on the key metrics of an investment deal. The current atmosphere has brought on more scrutiny in regards to accuracy and truthfulness of financial responsibility, creating a need for objective analysis during an investment deal process.”

About The Prohaus Group LLC
The Prohaus Group LLC is a third party alternative investment research and advisory firm that offers valuations, research and strategy during the buy-side/sell-side investment decision-making process for Investment Banks, Private Equity, Venture Capital Firms and Institutional Investors. The firm provides no investment banking or trading services. Providing such an integrated service helps our client base to gain a balanced point-of-view by providing key insights and opinions regarding the essential characteristics of an investment deal.

The Prohaus Group LLC
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