LearningRx Proves Weak Cognitive Skills are Cause of Learning Disabilities

Colorado Springs, CO, October 04, 2006 --(PR.com)-- LearningRx has proven that weak cognitive skills are a cause of learning disabilities, and these weak cognitive skills can be fixed with specific testing and training. LearningRx rebuilds a student's cognitive skills foundation for learning using proven methods. Further information on their testing and training can be found online at www.learningrx.com. 

A good example of cognitive skills are those skills that we use in reading. As we read we decipher visual images to make sounds, we turn those sounds into words, we associate those words with a meaning, and finally we comprehend how the meaning of those words applies to the context of what we are reading. If just one of those skills is weak the whole learning process is thrown off, and that is when learning disabilities often come into play. 

"LearningRx offers a free self-screening tool at www.learningrx.com that anyone can use to begin the process of finding potential weak areas that can be fixed with our proven programs," says Dr. Ken Gibson, Founder and CEO of LearningRx. "We have more than 12,000 students whose skills and reading gains have been documented over the years as we perfected our programs. Results are predictable and consistent, enabling LearningRx Centers to guarantee improvement in deficient learning skills in less than 24 weeks." 

LearningRx can help people of all ages who have trouble staying on task, make careless errors repeatedly, are easily distracted, have difficulty sounding out words, reverse letters or words, have problems creating a mental picture, forget instructions, have trouble understanding readings, and are slow to complete a task. LearningRx offers a guarantee to improve cognitive skills in 24 weeks, and they are the only company in this industry that is capable of making such a claim. 

Further information on LearningRx can be found on their website, www.learningrx.com. The website also offers the free self-screening test, and a way for website visitors to locate a LearningRx Center nearest them. 

LearningRx, Inc.
Ken Gibson