Recently Unemployed Couple Starts to Help the Unemployed & Save Companies Thousands

Hotjobsfinder was created by recently unemployed entrepreneur's who were hit hard by the recession. "We wanted to provide a site to save employers thousands of dollars on job advertising and still reach millions of jobs seekers every month: said Mike from HotJobsFinder.

Los Angeles, CA, November 12, 2009 --( Hotjobsfinder was created by recently unemployed business owners Mike & Beth. "After being forced to close my business after 7 years due to the extremely bad economy and being frustrated in navigating the job boards that are out there I decided to create my own" said Mike.

HotJobsFinder's goal was and is to have a job board that will help companies saves literally thousands of dollars in advertising their available jobs while at the same time providing an extremely easy to navigate site for job seekers.

This site features an automatic syndication process that feeds all job postings to over 35 relevant job and social networking sites already on the web. This process allows convenience to the job poster by only having to post a job once on the website and be able to reach millions of job seekers every month. Sites such as Twitter, Indeed, Simplyhired, beyond, Facebook and many others are an example of the sites that all jobs are feed to.

Mike said "We have made it our goal to make this site one of the most user friendly job sites on the web". HotJobsFinder doesn't have those annoying pop-ups like the other job boards that try to trick you into signing up for a school or some other ad that they are getting paid to sponsor. "I found these tactics to be very annoying and only got in the way of the job search", so HotJobsFinder has made the commitment to never have those pop-ups on the website.

With the cost of only $5 per 30 day job posting is one of the best ways for employers to advertise, reach millions and save money, especially in this down economy when everyone is looking for ways to save. HotJobsFinder doe's not charge job posters to view resumes like all the other job sites do and never will. HotJobsFinder believes strongly in getting people back to work.

The website doe's not and will not charge job seekers to post their availability or their resume. HotJobsFinder understands that times are the hardest for Jobseekers and they need as much money in their pocket as possible. "I think it is appalling that some job boards think that if a job seeker wants a job they should somehow pay for it" said Mike. The couple believes that we need to help not only the employers but the job seekers so that this economy will turn around quicker.

HotJobsFinder has also started a jobs social network to compliment the job board so that employers, recruiters, business owners and the job seekers can personally connect. The social network has added recently a video interview / Chat section to allow people to interview and connect face to face online.

HotJobsFinder is currently serving the USA, Canada and the UK with more countries that can be added easily upon request.

"We are a family run business which allows us to keep cost's low and help job seekers and employers connect" said Mike & Beth. is gaining brand awareness and has even been mentioned on Saturdays fox business network by Dani Babb from and mentioned by her in an article on

"We are please with what we are able to provide the public and especially the unemployed. We hope that everyone will see our commitment and dedication to getting this economy moving again" states Mike.

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Mike Allen