Mingle360 Brings Social Networking Solution to APCA and 1,000+ College Students

College students use MingleSticks for social networking at events.

Fairfax, VA, November 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Mingle360 brought its social networking solution to The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) and their 3 November events. Over 1,000 college students and advisors received a MingleStick for real life social networking. All students received a MingleStick and their mingle connections were uploaded online for real-time viewing. Often considered an electronic business card, the MingleStick is a networking tool for college students that don't carry business cards.

"The MingleStick technology enabled students and advisors to easily connect with each other and the expo musicians, comedians, and speakers," said Eric Lambert, Executive Director of APCA. "This created a ton of buzz and excitement and helped APCA create a unique and differentiated experience. The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA) is an innovative campus activity organization and we were delighted to bring the MingleStick networking solution to our three conferences."

For colleges and universities, the MingleStick represents a great solution for networking incoming freshmen with each other and their professors. Building community around campus activities and events ensures students remain connected and active with campus life. Specifically, freshman orientation is a crucial time for new students and the MingleStick networking solution can help students network with hundreds of other classmates and faculty members with a simple click of a button. The MingleStick truly revolutionizes real world social networking on college campuses.

"We are delighted to bring the MingleStick technology to APCA," said Dan Coffing, President of Mingle360. "They are a forward thinking organization that understands the importance of connecting and networking their attendees. APCA specifically wanted to be the first organization to bring the MingleStick to the college market. The college students simply loved the MingleStick and its simplicity and usefulness."

About APCA

The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities is a national campus activities organization that services the needs of Campus Programming Departments, SGAs, leadership development programs and other campus organizations throughout the United States. APCA currently has over 300+ school members nationwide. In 2009, over 250+ schools attended conferences and workshops providing their boards with quality, affordable programming services.
About Mingle360

Offered as a service to event organizers, the Mingle360 solution greatly enhances attendee networking at the event, surpassing business cards with up to date contact information and even facial recognition. It creates 'buzz' and excitement at the event and helps differentiate the organization from the competition. For more information, please contact Mingle360 at 703-425-0402.

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