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Consignment Chic, LLC (“Consignment Chic”) recently launched a new segment of the website, online consignment shopping, that allows consumers to shop at many different consignment shops across the country in one convenient place on Consignment Chic’s online consignment store is comprised of ‘top picks’ from each consignment store in the Consignment Chic partnership. Consignment Chic is focused on promoting consignment shopping at resale shops and consignment stores.

Birmingham, AL, November 13, 2009 --( Consignment Chic, The Online Community for Consignment Shoppers, is excited to announce the launch of it’s one-of-a-kind Online consignment shop. This online consignment store is unique because it is filled with the best items from Consignment Chic’s partner stores across the country. As a result, consignment shoppers are no longer limited to shopping at their local consignment shops or shopping one online consignment store at a time. Consignment shoppers are treated to a wide variety of merchandise online that has an enticing selection of women’s clothing, shoes and handbags which will soon be joined by men’s clothing, children’s consignment, furniture consignment and home décor that is searchable by store, brand or category.

Consignment Chic is an innovative marketing alliance among consignment and resale shop owners dedicated to promoting consignment shopping. The overall goal of the consignment store owners in this alliance is to convert potential customers on the Internet to consistent consignment shoppers online and in their brick and mortar stores. By adding online shopping, is implementing another effective strategy to attract potential customers to the website and ultimately to consignment shopping.

Tracy True Dismukes, the owner and founder of Consignment Chic, said, "Consignment shop owners are searching for innovative ways to stimulate business in order to continue to thrive in these tough economic times. Many shop owners desperately want to create their own online stores to generate additional sales, but they simply do not have the resources to do that."

Consignment Chic’s store provides the perfect solution for the shop owner and the customer. " provides a cost-effective way for consignment stores to sell online with minimal effort while maintaining their identities as individual stores. Participating Chic stores have their own individual stores within the larger Consignment Chic store, so the transaction occurs between the customer and the individual store," explained Dismukes. Dismukes believes that when online customers are able to deal with established stores it adds credibility and trust to their online shopping experience and creates more personal interaction with the customer. is a consumer-focused national website with video clips, blogs, a store finder, message boards, an online store and information to educate and energize consumers about consignment shopping. Consignment Chic is a member of NARTS, the National Association of Resale and Thrift Stores and ECMTA, and the E-Commerce Merchants Trade Association.

Consignment Chic, LLC
Tracy True Dismukes