"The Economic Report" Show to Feature Preferred Health Technology

Carrolton, TX, November 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The producers of The Economic Report are pleased to announce that Preferred Health Technology Inc. will be featured in an upcoming episode on Improving Productivity/Profitability through Effective Technology as part of the show's Solutions for Rising Costs in Healthcare series.

While more and more patients become responsible for higher deductibles and copayments through their insurance plans, physicians often struggle to secure a patient’s portion of a medical payment in a timely manner. But the latest advancements in technology are making it easier for physicians to receive payments for their services, and making the payment process more convenient for patients at the same time.

Preferred Health Technology’s innovative A-Claim™ medical payment solution allows physicians and other health care providers to dramatically increase collections and reduce costs by simply and securely verifying insurance eligibility, adjudicating claims, and processing credit, debit or prepaid cards and checks for payment at the time of service, before a patient leaves the hospital or office.

The process is simple. Patients swipe their insurance card at the time of service, and the medical practice or hospital receives a detailed response in a matter of seconds. The response includes instant insurance eligibility verification with all major insurance companies, as well as patient payment responsibility, including in-network or out-of-network information, co-pay amounts, annual deductible information and more. Patients can then swipe their preferred credit card, debit card or check to automatically settle their financial responsibility when their insurer determines the final amount. At the medical facility's discretion, patients can establish a payment plan for costs that exceed their immediate ability in which to pay.

“Healthcare providers save time and money on billing and collections, and patients appreciate the convenience," says Preferred Health Technology President and COO Mary Dees Griffith. “Physicians struggle to collect patient receivables once a patient leaves the office, so A-Claim has become an important revenue cycle management tool for many medical practices.”

The five-minute feature, which educates viewers on this new technology, includes interviews with Griffith, as well as patients and members of the medical community.

To learn more about Preferred Health Technology and A-Claim™ please visit www.a-claim.com.

About PHT
Preferred Health Technology Inc., headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, provides electronic payment and transaction-processing services for the health care industry. Its parent company operates one of the largest health care insurance data center sites in the world in support of Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, the Federal Employee Program and Medicare Advantage health plans, as well as other private health plans.

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