The CashX Prepaid Travel Card is Now Free

CashX-The Digital Cash Store, offers Individuals or Businesses with a CashX Account, a Secure, Convenient, and Cost-effective way to Send Funds Online, Worldwide. Their Network builds on the existing Financial Infrastructure of Bank Accounts, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards to create a Global, Real-time Payment Solution.

Vernon, Canada, November 14, 2009 --( CashX-The Digital Cash Store, has announced that their Prepaid Travel Card is now a free card. According to CashX, they have made special arrangements so that everyone who signs up for a free CashX account will now receive a CashX Prepaid Card absolutely free. The only expense to the consumer will be a nominal shipping and handling fee.

CashX is designed for anyone who is looking to transfer money worldwide quickly and securely, send money to family and friends within their country, or pay their employees around the world. It is a Worldwide Money Transfer Service that helps people send or receive money from around the world, or from around your country, quickly and conveniently. Signing up for a CashX account is free at:

CashX provides its members with same day funding for their online transfers with multiple sources for them to choose from. And, they provide Global Currency Exchange services for members who transfer funds worldwide.

For those who use payment processors, such as AlertPay and Moneybookers, the news of a free Prepaid Card should be very welcome indeed; since, as a CashX account holder, you can now, safely and securely, transfer money from AlertPay or Moneybookers accounts directly to your CashX Prepaid Card and enjoy the convenience of immediate access to those funds.

The CashX Prepaid Card can be used to shop online, or to withdraw cash or pay for goods at Point of Sale terminals. It can be used as an everyday debit card, or can become a handy travel card with access to funds through millions of ATMs worldwide with the VISA or MasterCard networks.

As one of the company’s spokespersons put it, “With our very versatile CashX Prepaid Card now completely free of charge, there has never been a better time to open a free CashX account".

The site is available at:

CashX Financial Corporation
Terry Kurtis