Free Cessna Pilot Operating Handbook Resources

Red Sky Ventures announces the addition of a range of free resources to the Free Stuff page of their website,

Al Ain, FL, November 17, 2009 --( The free Cessna resource was created to compliment Red Sky Ventures' successful co-publication, the Cessna Training Manual series, written by Oleg Roud and Danielle Bruckert.

The Cessna Training Manual series presently covers the Cessna 152, 172, 182, 206 and 210, and is designed as a training guide to be used in conjunction with the POH of the aircraft being trained on. The Cessna 210 book has recently been offered in a special US edition, available at

Models within a type series vary significantly, for example, the C172 and the C210 both have over 20 basic variants excluding modifications, the C182 and C206 both have around 10. Danielle recommends that students obtain a personal copy of a POH for home study, preferably in addition to having a copy of a training manual if one is available. Where flying different types within the series, an online resource is the perfect solution for this.

In 1976 the General Aviation Manufacturer's Association, GAMA, agreed to a standard format for POHs, and also recommended minimum content that must be contained in a POH. For this reason most POHs after 1976 contain much more information, and are easier to reference to, as the information is laid out where you would expect it. It is very useful for pilot's to compare the newer versions with older versions to understand what has changed. A helpful explanation of this information, and a description of the various models in each type series is contained within the Cessna Training Manual books for each aircraft.

Presently there are a range of Cessna POHs and supplements available on the Red Sky Ventures website, including POHs or excerpts for the C150, C152, C172, C182 and C210, and a supplement for the popular Robertson STOL.

Red Sky Ventures hopes this list will continue to grow, "Information sharing is one of the building blocks to aviation safety" says Danielle Bruckert, Red Sky Venture's managing director. This has always been Red Sky Venture's philosophy, which they have upheld through their Free Stuff page, and on their Lulu page Danielle kindly asks anyone who may have an electronic copy of a POH to contact them for submission.

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